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Corporate gifts with 2D or 3D laser engraving in glass / crystal PDF Print E-mail
Laser engrave 3D gift

Laser engraving
With the laser technique, a piece of crystal / glass is marked inside with a laser. There can be logo and/or text engraved inside teh glass and also a 3d object like a building or car.

It is also possible to develop custom made glass / crystal shapes and sizes for quantities of 50 pcs or higher.
Beneath you can find our standard shapes and sizes of the glass/ crystal sculptures.

3D gelaserd glas kristal - Rectangle 3D gelaserd glas kristal - Kubus

3D laser engraving in glass / crystal
RG201 - Rectangle

Laser engraving of a logo in glass / crystal

RG202 - Cube

3D gelaserd glas - Cut Cube Penhouder in gelaserd glas

Laser engraving of a 3d logo in a cube with cut corner
RG203 - Cut Cube

Laser engraving of a truck in a crystal penholder
RG204 - Penholder

Round Top Laser Glass Glas Troffee Laser 3D

Laser engraving of a soldier 3d in glass. Suitbale as an award
RG205 - Round Top

laser engrvaing of a logo inside glass and sandblasting on top. Suitable as an award.
RG206 - Trophy

Relatiegeschenk - Aspen Relatiegeschenk glas - Cathedral

Laser engraving of a logo and text in glass/ crystal
RG207 - Aspen

Laser engraving of a 3d dutch tower in glass. An unique corporate gift
RG208 - Cathedral

3D relatiegeschenk - Obelisk Kristal glas - Piramide

Laser engraving of a 3d dutch tower in glass. An unique corporate gift or award
RG209 - Obelisk

Laser engraving of globe and logo inside a pyramid. An unique business gift.
RG210 - Piramid

3D Kristalglas - Arc Gelaserd 3D - Sleutelhanger

3D Laser engraving of teh evolution. An unique business gift
RG211 - Arc

3D engraving of teh Eiffel Tower in a glass / crystal keyholder
RG212 - Keyholder

Glas laser - Kaarshouder

3D laser engraving of a car in a candle holder. Unique as corporate gift
RG213 - Candleholder

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